[mythtv-users] Making TvOut fit HDTV...

Michael J. Sherman msherman at dsbox.com
Thu Feb 19 13:59:31 EST 2004

Jarod C. Wilson wrote:
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> On Wednesday 18 February 2004 18:00, alanb at starband.net wrote:
>>If I'm running MythTV things fit okay with some tweaking.
>>I've been trying to get the output to fit my HDTV when I'm not running
>>MythTV. I want to use the same box to do some development on. So when I'm
>>running KDE under FC1 my output is about 10% to big around the whole
>>I've read about this being the way the output is sent to eliminate the
>>black borders. I tried tweaking my XF86Config file by using different
>>values in the modeline attribute.
>>I figure I can reduce the output by 10% or so and get the output screen to
>>fit inside my HDTV and not be oversized.
>>Can someone point me in the right direction? I don't mind reading up on
>>this but I'm not sure where the best resource information is to be found.
> See if this doesn't help:
> http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/mythhd.php
> I have almost a perfect fit on my HDTV.

For another point of reference, I have my MythTV output looking 
wonderful on my Sony HDTV using this modeline (native 720p resolution, 

ModeLine "ATSC-720p" 74.176 1280 1312 1376 1650 720 722 728 750

I got started with this document:

I have an Audio Authority box that converts from monitor VGA output to 
RGB component, which I then hook into the back of my HDTV.

In order to get the overscan perfect you'll most likely have to enter 
the dreaded "service mode" of your TV.  Most sets ship with extreme 
overscan (14% or more).

Keep in mind as you tweak your X Modeline to KEEP YOUR VERTICAL REFRESH 
AT 59.94!  This is important if you want to keep your TV.


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