[mythtv-users] Pro's and Con's of pvr 350s

Andrew Dodd atd7 at cornell.edu
Thu Feb 19 13:53:39 EST 2004

Quoting Kevin Barsby <Kevin.Barsby at Sun.COM>:

> > MythGame and MythMusic visualization wont work on the pvr, because xv
> > and sdl are not supported on the framebuffer.
> Does anyone know if this is something that is in development in the ivtv 
> driver?
> Or is it likely to remain unsupported?
I'm 99% positive that it will always remain unsupported.

The PVR-350 is not your run-of-the-mill video card.  The ONLY hardware
acceleration it supports is raw MPEG decoding (which it does extremely well. 
:).  Other than that it's a raw dumb framebuffer, a la pre-acceleration video cards.

Just like the original Voodoo1/2 framebuffer support - You could have
accelerated 3D, or completely unaccelerated 2D.

Theoretically the xv and sdl APIs could be supported, but they would have to
emulate all modern video card features in software.

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