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john lawler maillist at tgice.com
Thu Feb 19 10:43:42 EST 2004

Thanks for the feedback.  I checked out that mobo, and it looks pretty
nice.  I would like to not have to buy a separate video adapter,
especially if this s-video'll work out okay with the nvidia drivers.

Have you used this motherboard yourself?  I'm a bit concerned about the
"shared system memory".  I assume that means the card has no dedicated RAM
and has to borrow from the main RAM.  Have you ever used a card like this
before?  Does it hog much RAM?

I've read the archives on this model and it sounds like some are using it.
  Did I read somewhere that using the onboard video requires you to cut
back the FSB to 133 or 166?  Would that not be problematic for moving lots
of data?



J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
> john lawler wrote:
>> Hi guys, I'm a newbie looking at purchasing all new hardware for a
>> modest mythtv box (with some room to grow).  I checked out the specs
>> of some of the machines that the developers use (since I figured
>> that'd be a good place to start), and basicaly went with one of those,
>> or maybe it was one of Jarod's machines.  Not sure.  Anyway, here're
>> the specs:
>> MSI KM400 Chipset, Model KM4M-L (microATX)
>>     (w/ onboard AC '97 audio, ethernet, and "Integrated S3 Graphics
>> UniChrome^(TM) 2D/3D Graphics with motion compensation" which I guess is a
>> video adapter)
>> Athlon XP 2400
>> 256 MB PC2700 333Mhz (maybe 512, not sure yet)
>> Sony 16x DVD-ROM
>> Hauppauge PVR-250
>> Chaintech NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440 64MB w/ S-video out
>> microATX case w/ 230W PS
>> [and I have a spare 60GB WD 7200rpm sitting around that I'll start with]
>> as of yesterday on pricewatch, this'd all cost me ~$400.00, which'll
>> be pretty cheap as far as the hardware goes.
> I'd recomend grabbing a Chaintech 7NIF2 MB instead.  You'll get an
> onboard Geforce 4 with TV-Out instead of the S3.  It'll save you a slot
> and it has the advantage of having the svideo connector right along side
> the other ports not on an external card.
> You'll want the 512 (well more than 256 at least).  And with the
> Chaintech MB you can get two sticks of 256 running in dual channel DDR
> mode.
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