[mythtv-users] Mythweb says I have 75 out of 72 Gigs used

Malcolm mythtv at lds.dyndns.org
Wed Feb 18 18:27:23 EST 2004

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Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Mythweb says I have 75 out of 72 Gigs used

> > I guess it doesn't read sizes quite right somewhere :)
> > Is this fixed in newer versions?  It's actually an 80 gig drive yet
"df -h"
> > shows 76Gigs total and 72Gigs used.
> Does mythbackend run as root?  most drives are formatted with a certain
> percentage of space reserved for root's files (to allow root to work and
> fix things if the disk gets full).  df doesn't show this "true" total
> amount.  It's actually a big issue with running mythbackend as root, and
> I keep wishing that someone would write an easy way for mythbackend to
> chuser itself when it starts up (like bind, apache, mysql, etc. do - or
> at least behave)

Nope mythbackend & mythfrontend run as user account I made on the box.
Initially when I was testing stuff when I first set the box up they ran as
root but I've long sinced changed them to a user account.


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