[mythtv-users] Doing the undoable?

Eric Jones xeno at indigo.kicks-ass.org
Wed Feb 18 00:04:02 EST 2004

Or maybe not.

Okay, here's the deal. I have mythtv running on an athlon 2100+ with 521 
mb of ram. I have a pvr 250 and a pinnacle pctv for capture, and a geforce 
3 for tv-out. My tv is an Apex 27' flat screen, and I'm in the US so it's 
NTSC for me.

Now, on the TV I have a variety of input options. I can do svideo, 
component, and composite. And of course standard cable, but who needs 
that? :) I'm using straight svideo from my machine to the tv.

The machine itself is running flawlessly and I have 0.14 on it. No 
problems whatsoever.

Here's the question. I'm using the vanilla nvidia driver options for TV 
out recommended for tv's, e.g. HorizSync 30-50, VertRefresh 60.

According to the proprietary nvidia driver, this means that I can run in:


I can play around with the sync and refresh to get 800x600 which obviously 
needs overscan to look worth a crap. I'm willing to invest in another card 
to do this, but wouldn't dvd's look crappy upsized to that? What's the 
ideal resolution here? 720x480? 

I'm a bit nervous to play around with the tv settings too much because I 
don't want to smoke my TV. So - to those of you that are running happy 
mythboxes, what do you run them at?


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