[mythtv-users] hard disk crashing and system freezes

Phill Wiggin alamar at llamamuds.com
Tue Feb 17 19:42:14 EST 2004

Jared, I'll give that a shot. (I _am_ somewhat massochistic >:})

Campbell Vertesi wrote:

>I've got MythTV set up on my Fedora Core 1 box, as per Jarod's
>instructions (yay for Jarod!  Double-yay for apt-get!).  I had it
>running largely fine for a few days, but now I'm starting to have
>problems... It has started to crash when I get through about 90% of a
>DVD rip.  Not just crashes, freezes completely; hard reset required.
Cam, you might want to post this as a separate email (not in reply to 
this thread).

>First thing I checked was temperature, but that's fine.
>Then I checked the mythbackend.log ... It doesn't seem to give much
>useful information beyond startup.  Nothing there.
>I had a look at /var/log/messages though, and there's the interesting
>stuff.  I get all sorts of hard drive and DVD rom failures before SOME
>of the crashes.  Not all, but some.  I scanned my storage drive that had
>the errors, and found it clean.  My DVD drive works fine, and always did
>under windows.  Since both drives were on the same bus (hdc/hdd), I
>tried moving the storage drive to primary slave.  Now I still get the
>crashes, but without the drive errors!
>This is driving me nuts!  System specs are below, has anyone heard of
>any issues with FC1 and the ECS K7S5A IDE controller?  Maybe XFS?  I'm
>even considering installing Gentoo and trying again!
That's the motherboard I'm using, but I haven't had problems with it yet 
(FC2-test1), but that's not to say I won't.

>Fedora Core 1 (apt-getted to current packages)
>KDE 3.2 WM
>AMD Athlon 1.3Ghz underclocked to 1Ghz
>192MB PC133 RAM
>ECS K7S5A Motherboard
>Onboard C-Media sound
>GeForce4 MX 64mb Video card
>ATI TV Wonder VE (brooktree) TV card
>WD 10gb hard drive (hda, ext3, UDMA5)
>WD 120gb hard drive (hdb, XFS, UDMA5)
>Sony DVD rom (UDMA5 I think)
>I don't bother with TV out, I just have a really big monitor as a TV
>screen :)  .
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--Phill W

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