[mythtv-users] Power Heat Noise

William Powers wepprop at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 17 18:30:03 EST 2004

Tor Hovland wrote:

> The Thorton (model 10 with 256K L2 Cache) is even cooler than the
> Thoroughbred (model 8)...

Although this is undeniably a true statement in a relative sense, in 
absolute terms, at 46.3 watts 'Typical' and 51.0 watts 'Maximum', the 
1800+ is a slightly lower power part than any of the model 10's w/ 256k, 
especially as regards to max power.  If, however, you need more 
computing power than the 1800+, then the model 10 w/ 256k is definitely 
the way to go.

> However, if you can get hold of a Thoroughbred XP1700+, it only requires
> 44,9 W.

Also very true. Unfortunately, when I was quietizing my system, I 
couldn't find a 1700+ Thoroughbred anywhere.  The dozen or so places I 
called that were advertising the 1700+ were all selling Palominos, which 
is defintely not what you want.  But if you can find one, that is 
definitely the coolest of the XP's.

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