[mythtv-users] Recording stops once I start watching the recording??

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Mon Feb 16 23:36:23 EST 2004

On Monday 16 February 2004 10:47 pm, Darren Richards wrote:
> What is your hardware configuration?  Unfortunately I don't have a
> solution, but I do feel your pain.  I've lost major points with my wife
> because of this very issue.  For me, the problem is independent of the
> length of the show.  TV will record fine as long as I'm not watching or
> navigating any menus.  It seems that whenever I back out of the recording
> and go back in, I have a 50/50 chance of the recording stopping...
> I'm using the tv-out from a pvr-350, so maybe the issue is with that
> somehow?  I just got my system up and running a few days ago, so I'm still
> working out kinks...

This is a well-known problem with the ivtv driver on some machines.  Search 
the list archives for it being discussed many times.  It would be more 
appropriate to discuss on the ivtv list.


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