[mythtv-users] Re:Myth menu navigation slow after using XMame in MythGame

Andrew Dodd atd7 at cornell.edu
Mon Feb 16 21:45:22 EST 2004

Quoting riskpeep at netscape.net:

> I've done some more looking, and the issue appears to be related to
> fullscreen Xv.  I've noticed that if I bring up XMame in normal windowed
> mode, the slowdown doesn't occur.
> Also, the slowdown is showing up in the Xserver process.  If I bring up a top
> and then try to move my selection up or down in the menus I notice that the X
> process starts taking up something like 80% CPU (Athlon 2200XP).  Most
> certainly not right.
> I'm also noticing the slowdown (although much less pronounced) on the Myth
> main menus as well.  Prior to XMame, I can't push the down arrow fast enough
> to get ahead of the selection movement.  Afterwards, it is still reasonable
> quick, but I can easily bang out for down arrows before the selection has
> moved through the first two entries.
What theme are you using?

G.A.N.T. can have some serious problems on some systems, see my previous post on
this topic.  If you're using G.A.N.T. and some letters have "cut off" portions
(In my case, the "g" in Watch Recordings and Delete Recordings was cut off at
the bottom), the symptoms you describe can occur.

In my case, it occurred most of the time, but sometimes, for whatever reason, it
did not.  The fact that it didn't always occur could be falsely correlated with
xmame in your case, or somehow xmame is causing X's font handling to become
weird (I find it highly unlikely though.)

If you're getting cutoff letters and slow menus with G.A.N.T., go into
theme.xml, and drop the fontsize for the buttons from 28 point Arial to 24
point.  (Or whatever will stop the letters from being cut off.)  It may likely
fix things. 

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