[mythtv-users] pcHDTV w/ MythTV

Penguin Man curtis at penguinbrat.com
Mon Feb 16 19:44:29 EST 2004


	I've got a pIV 2.4g cpu sitting on an ASUS mb, Im thinking about upgrading my 
hardware to an NVidia card an the pcHDTV card. I've got my setup hooked 
directly upto my HDTV set via DVI and the ATI8500 (960x540i). I noticed a 
while ago that the pcHDTV card was begining to get supported, I'm curious 
what the experience has been with owners of this card, and what, if any 
recomendations anyone would have (I'm thinking about getting the NVidia MX 
440 card). I currently have the PVR250 card and it seems to work pretty well, 
it would be very nice to be able to get that kind of quality from the pcHDTV 
- is that even possible?
	My goal may be unreasonable, but since more channels have been coming out in 
HD I've realized that I'm not watching the cable channels that much anymore. 
So, if I can get HD over broadcast (8 channels currently) and workable under 
Myth, then I will just drop the $100/mo cable bill and instead invest in this 


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