[mythtv-users] Recording stops once I start watching the recording??

Matt Snow drama at slakin.net
Mon Feb 16 07:54:34 EST 2004

I have found that if I am recording and then I start to watch the
recording or another recording, that the show that is currently being
recorded stops recording for some reason.
This behavior seems to be intermitant, but I beleive mostly occures after
I have been recording a long show.
Last night I was recording Jerry Maquire, 3 hours long on TV.
It had recorded about 2 hours and 40 minutes and then I began to play it.
I then backed out of the recording and came back in, the time length was
stuck at 2:40:10(H:MM:SS).
This morning I tried to watch TV and myth told me that it is already using
all available inputs for recording. But the recording of jerry maquire
finishes last night?

Has anyone seen this before, or is this a known issue????

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Matt Snow
 drama at slakin.net

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