[mythtv-users] RE:lirc_init error running mythfrontend

Jason Livingston dergibjl2-nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 15 22:41:32 EST 2004

Thanks Scott. However, right after installing the ATrpm custom kernel,
I did almost as you described. Except I didnt make menuconfig after
copying the config file into the kernel source dir, and I didn't run
make clean. I just copied the config file, edited Makefile to remove
"custom" from the Kernel string, and then did make dep. Do you think
that forgetting to make menuconfig and make clean could have caused
this problem? I'm unable to compile anything that relies on v4l or i2c
without getting lots of unresolved symbols from those two packages.

mythgnomer at rowelab.com wrote:
If you've installed a kernel via RPM, you should also download the
sources RPM and install it. Once that's done, see if there's a symlink
your kernel sources to /usr/src/linux .. If not.. 

$> cd /usr/src 
$> ln -s linux-<my_kernel_version> linux 

Then, you'll need to change over to that directory and run a few

$> cd /usr/src/linux 
$> cp /boot/config-<my_kernel_version> ./.config 
$> make menuconfig 

Don't change anything, just save it. Then.. 

$> make dep; make clean 

That should set up all the headers so that you can compile programs
create loadable kernel modules. 

-Scott Rowe 

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