[mythtv-users] IR Transmitter Help

DanM dan at milkcarton.com
Sun Feb 15 18:16:46 EST 2004

Bill, If your looking for an easy one, build the simple circuit.  I 
would use a bigger resister in there then the one they suggest.  I kept 
blowing IR diodes till I moved to a higher value one.  For the simple 
circuit, make sure the black band on the 1n4148 (You can pick up a 10 
pack for around $2 at radio shack) goes into the resister.  Then from 
the other end of the resister, make sure it goes to the side of the IR 
diode that doesn't have a flat spot on it.


Bill Bradley wrote:

>Does anyone have a HOWTO on building the IR Transmitter from the lirc.org 
>schematics for those folk who are not electrical engineers.  I have googled 
>but as yet have not been able to find anything.  I would like to build it 
>myself rather than buying the actisys.  I was looking for something along the 
>lines of "solder this part here, join this to that" etc.  If anyone has knows 
>where something like this can be found or has the time to write this up, it 
>would be greatly appreciated....
>bill bradley
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