[mythtv-users] RE: mythtv goes directly to live TV and won't let me use the menu.

gabe at mustbethemoney.com gabe at mustbethemoney.com
Sun Feb 15 17:38:35 EST 2004

I answered my own question, and feel like an idiot.  Of course, i should
have typed mythfrontend, not mythtv...duh!

As an aside, I have yet to do tv-out on this and playing this just on my
computer monitor.  It looks not as goo as normal tv, and thee is some
choppiness.  Is this a function of the subpar vga-out card on the
computer, a setting issue, or to be expected?  I thought the moniter would
look as good (if not better) than my crappy 19" tv.

(also, sorry if I screwed up the threaing, I get the digest, so don't know
how to really reply to the email).


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