[mythtv-users] Some Hostname Wierdness with Remote Frontend

seth caver at verizon.net
Sun Feb 15 15:56:11 EST 2004

i prefer to use names for routing instead of IP addresses, and this was
working fine for my backend/frontend box with remote mysql.  mythweb running
from the mysql box ran fine, mythtv from the myth box ran fine.  when i
tried to install the frontend in a seperate remote machine i ran into issues
using names tho.  if i manually changed the BackendServerIP and
MasterServerIP settings to IP addresses instead of names then i could
connect with the remote mythfrotend.  running NSCD didn't seem to help,
although i could ping 'mythbox' fine from the command line.

so is this by design, no names, only IP addresses?  if so, why does using
names work from the mythbox (empty hosts file) and the mysql server (also
running named, apache, DHCP, etc) but won't work from others?


- seth

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