[mythtv-users] 0.14, PVR-350, how to get composite in working?

Doug Rinckes doug.rinckes at redclock.net
Sun Feb 15 10:45:37 EST 2004

I'm using KnoppMyth (pre-built 0.14 distribution) with a PVR-350 card and 
TV reception is working well.  I can watch, change channels and record.

I would like to record some input from a camcorder, and so I am trying to 
set up the Composite 0 input on the PVR-350 card, but currently I can't get 
it to change to this input at all.

I created a new video source in mythtv-setup called "VCR", using tv_grab_na 
as the grabber but all other info blank.

I then went into "Input connections" and bound "VCR" to Composite 0.

Then fired up mysql and changed the tvgrabber for VCR to "".  The database 
entry now looks like:
sourceid=8, name=VCR, xmltvgrabber="", userid="", freqtable=default

Then I created a channel in the database.  Most of the fields are defaults, 
  apart from:
chanid=8006, channum=6, freqid=22, sourceid=8, callsign=VCR, name=VCR

When I fire up mythfrontend and watch tv, pressing "c" only gives me Tuner 
0, never Composite 0, and trying to change to channel 6 never actually 
changes the channel.

I even tried puting a fake entry into the program table for this channel 
but it makes no difference.

What am I doing wrong?


Doug Rinckes

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