[mythtv-users] Adding PVR-250 to already existing PVR-350 system

Larry Matter mythtv2 at matter.net
Sun Feb 15 01:34:16 EST 2004

> I added a PVR-250 to my system. Initially, X bitched about not being
> able to find /dev/fb0 but switching slots fixed that.  I ran mythtvsetup
> to add the second card but am a bit unclear as to what the settings for
> the addition card should be.  Right now it is set for the hardware MPEG
> decoder, video1 (not quite sure if this is right--the 350 is video0) and
> tuner0.  Thinking logically it seemed that there should be a tuner1
> option since this is an additional tuner but there is not, so I bound it
> to tuner0.  I have a cabletv video source bound to both video0 and video1.

This sounds right.  I'm writing this from memory so may not be exactly
right, but first you add cards, and one should be /dev/video0 and the
other should be /dev/video1.    Then you create a video source (cable in
this case), then you map cards to sources (input connections?).  You
should make it something like:
[ MPEG2 /dev/video0 ] tuner0 -> cable
[ MPEG2 /dev/video0 ] composite1 -> none
[ MPEG2 /dev/video1 ] tuner0 -> cable

> I tried going into LiveTV and pressing 'C' but it doesn't change
> anything and simply puts up 'tuner 0' on the screen.

Maybe you don't have video sources for the other inputs (e.g., "none" as
shown above).  Dunno, I've never tried 'C'.  Try 'V' and see if you get

> Looking at
> another's module.conf with a similar setup, I added 'alias
> char-major-81-1 ivtv' Here is the full modules.conf.

Can't help you there, I never got auto loading of modules working (low
priority for me).  I just load them manually and they see both cards (I
have a PVR-350 and an Aver M179).

Make sure you can cat from /dev/video0 and video1 and play it back with
something like mplayer.  If you can do that you should be able to get it
working with MythTV with no prob.


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