[mythtv-users] Displaying UTF8 characters

Daniel Ahlberg aliz at tamperd.net
Sat Feb 14 09:56:29 EST 2004

On Friday 13 February 2004 16.15, Daniel Ahlberg wrote:

> I'm having some trouble with the display of UTF8 characters in both mythweb
> and mythtv. All the special characters in the Swedish alphabet are looking
> weird and does not display correctly, this has caused the scheduler to not
> to find every program I have sceduled.

I think I've pinpointed the problem to mythfilldatabase using QT-3.3.0. I did 
some tests. If I manually inserted a converted string (echo едц | iconv -f 
latin1 -t utf8 ) to the program table in the databae it shows up correctly, 
each char has been converted to two chars. But mythfilldatabse with QT-3.3.0 
converts to three chars making it displaying raw utf8 in both windows and 
linux browsers. Going back to QT-3.2.3 make mythfilldatabse only insert two 
chars correctly.

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