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John DeLuca johnfdeluca at yahoo.com
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Standard Cable?? 

wrote on 01/27/2004 10:33:42 PM:

> I am considering building a MythTV and have a couple brief questions as 

> I begin my research. 


> Can I run MythTV from my standard cable line that comes from the street? 

> I do not have a box from the cable company. I simply run the coax cable 

> from the wall to my VCR and then from my VCR to my TV. I subscribe to 

> Time Warner Cable and only get the basic and standard tiers. I am not 

> interested in the digital platform yet as I am trying to minimize my 

> cable bill. Do I need a converter box that comes with either a DirectTV 

> box or a Time Warner Cable box in order to use MythTV? 

No converter box is needed. In fact not having a box makes it easier as you dont need to route channel changes to the box via an IR blaster or serial cable.




> Also, seeing how I do not have a fancy converter box with an integrated 

> TV guide, where would the MythTV get its TV guide from in my scenario? 

> Is there a third party vendor that supplies the TV listing for my area 

> and my cable provider? 

Program Guide data in mythy comes from xmltv rather than your cable co directly. And it's very slick. During Mythsetup, you define your zip code and pick your cable provider and the guide data is downloaded from net,



> Does anyone have any architecture diagrams that would portray the MythTV 

> setup at a high level. I would like to see the cable source going to the 

> computer and then linking into various AV components (i.e. Stereo, TV, 

> VCR, DVD Player, etc). I realize that everyone setup is different for 

> the most part but still would like to see a high level conceptual layout 

> of the infrastructure. 


Mine is cable from wall -> splitter with split1 to tuner card in myth box and split 2 to my cable box (for times I want to watch TV outside of Myth (such as when tuner cards are busy recording content) or if I want to watch digital channels that are scrambled and require the box to descramble.

> Thanks 


> -Brian 

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