[mythtv-users] RE: Semi-Off Topic? - RH9 Kernel woes...any way to makeFC1 work?

Mark Crutch markc at qsiuk.com
Fri Feb 13 12:06:41 EST 2004

> I have a Via EPIA M10k mobo, and their driver support limits me to RedHat 8 & 9, Mandrake 9.1, 
> and Suse 8.1.  I tried to load FC1 at first, found out that it wasn't supported, so I backed 
> off to RH9.  I've been having problems getting software since my kernel is version 2.4.20-8, 
> rather than (what appears to be) the common 2.4.20-28.  
> Following Jarod's HowTo, I've been able to get most things installed, but two things are 
> plaguing me - lirc and ivtv.  Both of these seem to need kernel drivers, and I can't figure 
> out what I need to do to a) get them & b) get them installed.  I can't do the apt-get as 
> described in the HowTo because there are no packages for my kernel.
> So, my questions are: 1) Is it possible to make the RH9 video and audio drivers from Via 
> work in FC1 without the source?  They have a semi-closed source policy, and I doubt I 
> can get my hands on it.

Well, from my earlier post about test_ioctl and mythtvsetup, it should be clear that I'm following a similar route, but haven't yet got it all working. However I have managed to get a little further that you have, so here are my suggestions:-

For compiling ivtv, got to the ivtv FAQ at http://ivtv.writeme.ch/tiki-view_faq.php?faqId=1 and scroll down to "How do I compile the driver?". Follow Option 1. After that, you can pick up with the modprobes and test_ioctl stuff from Jarod's guide and/or from the ivtv FAQ (a bit further down, under "I compiled the driver, now what?"). Be prepared to play around with the various parameters until you get something that works.

lirc is okay provided you get the 0.7.0pre2 release. The 0.6.6 release won't work for the PVR. Run setup.sh and select "TV Cards=>Hauppage TV Card". You'll need to modprobe ivtv before you modprobe lirc_dev and lirc_i2c, but then running lircd followed by irw should show you some received signals (also following Jarod's guide for the locations of the other files lirc needs).

I hope that helps - but remember that I don't yet have a fully working system myself, so it's possible that the above is wrong, and potentially the cause of my other problems.



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