[mythtv-users] ReplayTV "Zones" functionality?

Bill Bradley wbradley at bham.rr.com
Fri Feb 13 11:51:19 EST 2004

On Friday 13 February 2004 10:13 am, Dan Wolfgang wrote:
> One of the features I really like about my ReplayTV is
> that I have several "Zones" defined. Does this
> functionality exist in MythTV?
> For those who don't know about Zones, I'll explain:
> One of the Zones I've defined--5-Star Sitcoms--is set
> to record up to 6 hours of what ReplayTV considers a
> good sitcom. I like being able to come home from work
> and see what it's taped for me today. It always varies
> based upon what is on. I also have 6 hours reserved
> for a "Contemporary Comedies" Zone. It records movies.
> Same as with 5-Star Sitcoms, I like seeing what it's
> taped for me. It's a good way to get a variety of
> shows/movies without having to actively look in the
> Program Guide all the time.
> I thought I might be able to use MythTV's Search
> Listings function to make a Comedy genre "zone" but it
> doesn't appear so. Any thoughts?
> Dan
>  dan at danandsherree.com
>  http://www.danandsherree.com

Sounds a lot like Tivo's Suggested Recordings feature.  I have a tivo and that 
was one of the first things I disabled.  It ranks suggestions by the number 
of thumbs up choices you select when viewing a program.  I would come home 
from work and find the TiVo full of Yugioh or Pokemon....You would be amazed 
at how quickly 7 year olds will pick up technology ;)

That being said...I don't believe Myth has this feature..

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