[mythtv-users] System Hangs

John Dycus johndycus at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 13 10:54:44 EST 2004

David Brieck Jr. wrote:

> Kenneth Aafl°y wrote:
>> On Friday 13 February 2004 07:25, John Dycus wrote:
>>> I'm hoping this is a driver issue, but I can't seem to find anyone else
>>> with the issue I'm having.  I'm currently running ivtv 0.1.9 with 
>>> mythtv
>>> .14 on a Gentoo box (Athlon xp 1800 and asus a7s333).  Almost 
>>> everything
>>> is working perfectly, except for when I record live tv.  It seems like
>>> that within an hour or so of recording a show my system will hang.  In
>>> fact, if I set it to record a show, it seems to hang almost exactly an
>>> hour after the last time I entered any keystrokes or touched the mouse.
>>> So because of that I believe it must be some sort of power management
>>> issue that's kicking in after an hour that's causing the issues.  I've
>>> removed all traces of apm and acpi from the kernel and 
>>> triple-checked my
>>> settings in the bios, but nothing is turning up.  Anyone got any ideas?
>> Have you tried a vanilla kernel vs the gentoo-sources?
> I'll second that. I'm using the Gentoo sources, but I compiled the 
> kernel with very few if any unnecessary options. If there is something 
> in the Gentoo patched kernel sources that is causing your problems you 
> either need to try vanilla sources or get rid of any extra junk in 
> your kernel you don't need.
> BTW, I'm running 2.4.20-xfs-r3 without any problems.
> _______________________________________________

Thanks, those are both really good suggestions.  I'll try the vanilla 
kernel first over the weekend, and then run the hardware tests if it 
still hangs.  I'll be sure to report back what I find, and what 
hopefully fixes it...

Thanks again,

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