[mythtv-users] PVR250 Settings?

Scott Pouliot spouliot at scpsoftware.net
Thu Feb 12 20:37:13 EST 2004

I'm running a PVR-250 Freestyle (OEM card from a Media Center PC).  I got it
off eBay for $88 and it's been great since day 1.

My Settings are as follows:


Size:  480X480 ( I haven't played around with this yet)
Codec:  MPEG-2 Hardware Encoder
Stream Type:  MPEG-2 PS
Aspect Ratio:  4:3
Bit rate: 2400 (I mistakenly said 2200 sorry!)
Max. Bitrate:  6000 (Honestly not sure where this comes into play so forgive

Codec:  MPEG-2 Hardware Encoder
Sampling Rate:  32000
Type:  Layer II
Bitrate:  48kbps

The max bitrate setting may actually be bumping me up, but I don't know
enough about that setting (I'm a fairly new MythTV user) to be sure here.
Maybe I should be running higher settings here?


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On Thursday 12 February 2004 12:57, Scott Pouliot wrote:
> I run 480X480 @ 2200 and mine looks pretty good, but I'm no using 
> TV-Out at this point.  Still on a 19" CRT.

I'm guessing there's some confusion here... this thread is specifically
about PVR-250/350 encoder settings (hardware MPEG-2 encoding).  Scott, do
you have a PVR-250, or a regular analog tuner card?  480x480 at 2200 is a good
resolution + bitrate for MPEG-4 software encoding.  If you say your
recordings look pretty good, I'm guessing maybe you have a regular V4L tuner
card & are using MPEG-4 encoding?  If so, that would explain why everyone is
saying that 2200 is a crazy bitrate... to achieve the same quality in
MPEG-2, you need a bitrate 2-3 times higher.

Apologies if I'm incorrect...

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> Quoting Scott Pouliot <spouliot at scpsoftware.net>:
> > Same here I use 2200 for my card as well.  I heard this is MPEG-2 
> > quality. I usually view the vids on my Windows XP box when I'm 
> > upstairs and bored with work  ;-)
> I'm guessing you're not running at full resolution then...
> Even on my cleanest channels, 2200 looks ugly as hell (compression
> artifacts) at 720x480.
> I (believe it or not) run 7900 peak/6500 average.  Partly because many 
> of my channels are noisy...

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