[mythtv-users] click "don't record" in mythweb

Richie Jarvis richie at helkit.com
Thu Feb 12 17:05:06 EST 2004

Chris Petersen wrote:

>>I've been a bit confused about this myself...could you also explain the
>>Activate button that I've been seeing since .13.  I'm assuming these
>>buttons are to help you decide what to do when there is a conflict, but I
>>haven't gotten them to work they way is was expecting....my assumption as
>>always is that the computer must be smarter than I am.
>Basically, there's now a manual-override feature that lets you
>specifically record one instance of a show, or specifically NOT record
>an instance.  On top of that, I've included some commands in mythweb
>that let you mark the show as already-recorded ("never record") so myth
>will consider it a duplicate.
>All of this really needs to be reworked, but I really couldn't come up
>with a better interface than what's there, so it stuck.
Does that mean I can stop Myth recording the omnibus editions of a show 
now?? I want to tell it not to both recording the prog on a sunday, but 
to record any other day (for example)



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