[mythtv-users] Snow with PVR-250

Will Clifton wgcabp at cox.net
Wed Feb 11 20:55:46 EST 2004


I have been following Jarod's tutorial on setting up Mythtv and no
matter WHAT I try I cannot receive any signal except snow on channel 4.
Sometimes it's colored snow, sometimes b&w snow. When running the
test_ioctl program, I have tried every option that I know how to use.
None of the other channels give me anything, the only reception I get is
on channel 4 and it's garbage. Also there's no sound with my snow, even
though ALSA is running perfectly with all my other apps. I've viewed the
test output with both Mplayer and Xine.

I'm running Fedora FC1 with the custom kernel from Alex's repository
(2.4....2140). All of the software needed was installed using apt from
the repository. Basically I have been following Jarod's tutorial to the
letter so there's no mystery about where any of the software came from.

The card is brand new, labeling on the encoder chip says:

rev B310

There are no IRQ conflicts and my machine has plenty of resources to use
this card. I'm using US-Cable and my cable input is good, although it is
split off of my cable modem. I have tested the cable signal however and
it's plenty powerful. 

Running lspci gives me the same output that is on Jarod's page, so the
card is getting recognized. I have tried several different firmware
editions, right now I am running the one that came off of the Win
installation CD, no firmware change has made a difference.

Everything else is working great and it's a wonderful tutorial, BTW. If
anyone has anything at all to recommend I would certainly appreciate it,
I'm almost to the point of installing a Windows partition just to use
the card and I really don't want to do that!

I've been looking through the list archives and trying some suggestions,
but so far I have had no luck. Thank you in advance for any suggestions
you may have.


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