[mythtv-users] RadioShack 15-2116 remote and superfast repeat

Andrew Dodd atd7 at cornell.edu
Wed Feb 11 19:05:20 EST 2004

Quoting "Jarod C. Wilson" <jcw at wilsonet.com>:

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> On Sunday 08 February 2004 16:16, Andrew Dodd wrote:
> > I went out and bought a 15-2116 remote today.
> >
> > Jarod's HOWTO was great, except up/down and ch+/- both sent the same
> codes.
> >
> > I solved this by mapping advanced codes 228/068 to the up/down keys.
> Doesn't that setup end up producing the same IR result from MUTE/MOVE as 
> UP/DOWN? It looks that way to me from the lircd.conf file, because your lines
> in there for UP and DOWN match up exactly with my lines for MUTE and MOVE. I
> think the 4th number from the right on the IR code is irrelevant...
> I wouldn't mind including UP/DOWN programming codes also, but I'd like to 
> verify they don't do the same thing as other buttons. I've got some other 
> lirc testing to do tonight, so perhaps I'll try to mix that in...
The fourth number is relevant.

In your config, the number is encoded in the pre_data_bits (You have 2 bits of
pre_data, and 11 bits of normal data in your original conf).

Because the pre_data is different for those two codes, I needed to redefine it
to 13 bits, no pre-data, and include the old pre-data in the code.  (Which is
why all of the codes are now of the form 1XXX instead of 0XXX)

At least on my machine, the config I sent has no problems distinguishing between
Mute/Move and Up/Down.

Admittedly I now have U/D mapped to the same functions as CH+ and CH- now, since
when watching a recording, up/down are now mapped to skip forward/back 10
minutes in 0.14, but the config I sent allows someone who wants to use U/D for
something other than CH+/- to do so.

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