[mythtv-users] Spilt Myth mailing list?

steve at nexusuk.org steve at nexusuk.org
Tue Feb 10 16:16:38 EST 2004

On Tue, 10 Feb 2004, Dan Berger wrote:

> 2. With a forum you can create different areas for different interests. A
> general discussion board, a howto board, HDTV board, etc.

Why can't you do that with several mailing lists (whcih is what the 
original poster was suggesting)?

> 3. I don't care what email client you use, you can't possibly say that it is
> convenient when most of this email has nothing to do with mythtv and comes
> at around 100-200 messages a day.

Learn to use procmail (or whatever your mail client's internal filtering 
is) - if you don't care about IVTV (for example) then bin any mail that 
mentions it.

> 4. In response to Chris Peterson argument that its what the devs want, their
> wishes should definitely be respected, but isnt that why -dev exists?

No, -dev exists to discuss development issues.  Most of the developers 
won't use the forum and you'll end up with a bunch of people asking 
wuestions and noone to answer them.  Like it or not, a lot of the 
questions on -users are nothing to do with ongoing development but require 
a developer (or at least someone *very* experienced) to answer them.

> 6. Such a serious expansion needs the blessing and support of the devs.

Why?  If the devs don't want to use a forum why on earth would they give 
it their blessing?

> 7. Addressing the concerns of those who say that forums are slower. That is
> not true. There are many forums out there that serve as the center of
> communities. In fact, nowadays, forums replace many mailing lists. With the
> right software and with a good server, it should be very smooth.

How is "serving as the centre of communities" in any way related to speed?  
I'm sorry, but my copy of PINE is, and always will be, faster than 
clicking around on a web interface "oh dear, I've got to the bottom of the 
list of 20 messages on the forum.. I'd better wait 10 seconds for my 
browser to request the next 20"...

> Finally, we need to realize that MythTV, unlike other OSS projects, attracts
> those who are not too savy in linux. This is why the ml is filled with so
> many basic problems. With around 3000 users for an unmoderated list, it is
> really overdoing it imo.

Maybe what would be more useful would be to set up a mythtv-offtopic list 
for myth users to discuss things which are not strictly myth related (i.e. 
setting up XMLTV, getting X to display on your PVR350 card, etc).


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