[mythtv-users] Off topic: Input/Output Error

Kelly Reed Schuerman kschuerman at thekeyboardcowboy.com
Tue Feb 10 16:14:23 EST 2004

I know this is off topic but I am hoping somebody here can help.  I have
been running Myth for a year or so now and the WAF and KAF is very high,
even though it's been torn down and rebuilt several times. 

I recently started having some hardware errors that I cannot figure out.

I have a Promise Ultra 100 IDE Controller card with 3 75GB UATA100 7200RPM
drives attached.  Over the weekend my son (19 months old) found the power
button on the front of my Frontend/Backend system to be entertaining and not
once, not twice but three times (because I wasn't smart enough to move the
system after the first time) powered off the system.  

My drives were setup with one 15GB partition for the system and the
remaining space in a linear raid configuration formatted ext3.  The system
came back up without a problem after all three powerdowns, but later that
day I rebooted the system and the Raid would not restart.  I tried several
different things to restore the filesystem which all resulted in a
completely locked system.

I decided to start from scratch with Fedora Core since I would eventually
have to upgrade my RH9 anyhow.  I had everything up and running and now 16
hours later I am getting a "read error, input/output failed" and the system
basically becomes unusable as it won't run any commands.  I can't even
reboot the system from a terminal window. Sorry I can't post the exact
errors as I can no longer remotely connect to the system from work.

This seems to be a harddrive error, but I can not figure out which drive of
the three or possibly the IDE controller that is causing the problem.  Is
there anyway for me to figure out which harddrive is causing the problem?


Sherm   <><

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