[mythtv-users] Spilt Myth mailing list?

Scott Nicholson mythtv at scottnic.com
Tue Feb 10 16:03:06 EST 2004

> 6. Such a serious expansion needs the blessing and support of the devs.

Along those lines, why not leave the list intact exactly as it is, but ALSO
provide a link to a forum on MythTV.org.

That way there's some official recognition for the forum, which would
encourage people to use it. Even if the devs don't, there will probably be
enough power users who prefer a forum over a list. Both could become
valuable resources.

If there's some official recognition, users who prefer forums (the majority
of the less-technically-inclined, I imagine) would have an
officially-sanctioned place to ask for help.

Those who prefer lists would still have the list, exactly as it is right now
(perhaps with less traffic, as some people will unsubscribe to use the
forums instead).

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