[mythtv-users] Spilt Myth mailing list?

Drew Whittle drew at lug.net.nz
Tue Feb 10 15:44:11 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 08:43, Scott Nicholson wrote:

> Option two would be for all messages posted to the forum to be sent to the
> list from the "list at mythtvforum.net" address. That way there will be no
> moderation required. The disadvantage of this is the potential for abuse --
> any person registered on the forum would have the ability to post to the
> list via the "list at mythtvforum.net" address.
> If anyone can think of any other options, I'd love to hear them.

Yeah, keep them seperate, been down this track before and it rarely
works well, the forum posts to the list usually p*ss list members off
etc etc.

I did not sign up to this list to receive email from a bunch of
clueless* people using a forum. (ie you want the benefit of the list,
then subscribe to the list)

My 2 cents worth....


* Don't like me calling you clueless? well tough, if you can't handle a
mailing list easily then you are clueless. (and no I don't hate forum's,
I use a number of them, it's just that mailing lists are quicker,
better, and work very well)

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