[mythtv-users] Recording metadata corruption?

Dan Boger mythtv at peeron.com
Tue Feb 10 10:13:25 EST 2004

I just finished setting up my myth-tv pilot, and am very pleased with 
it.  However, I have run into a weird problem that I couldn't find 
discussed in the archives or the FAQ.  I'm sure it's there, so any 
pointers would be appriciated.

The setup:
P3 450 with 256M RAM, PVR-350, and a 0.5TB NFS LVM share.  Software:  
Fedora Core 1 (instaled using Jarod's excellent guide), myth 0.14.  Main 
box is both backend and frontend, though I connect from my desktop as a 
remote frontend as well (and get the same problem).

The system runs, and I can view live TV with no problem, and shows get 
recorded correctly.  But, I noticed this morning, that when I browse 
through the 'recorded shows', some of the shows show up with names like 
'0', and channels like '482725'.  When I look at the 'delete 
recordings', I get the same problem, but FOR OTHER SHOWS.

I looked at the database, and everything there looks correct - all the 
right data is there in the recorded table.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?  Where should I look?  What other 
information can I provide?


Dan Boger

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