[mythtv-users] What is inside a PVR 350 ? (duplicated message)

Hanno Wagner wagner at rince.de
Tue Feb 10 07:58:20 EST 2004


<zitiere wer="Franco">

> Ah! This opens new scenarios... so could it be - at least
> theoretically -
> used INSTEAD of a video card?

this is what I do ;-) at least currently.

> So what else is there inside a PVR 350 ? Till now I've seen
> mentioned:
> - mpeg decoder
> - mpeg encoder

only software-wise

> - ir control
> - TV tuner
> - FM tuner

as far as I know not yet supported

> - video card
> - video acquisition/digitizer
> - TV-out circuitry

in one, yes.

But be careful: you only get PAL/NTSC-Resolution out of the tv-out
of course, and it is not really fast, that mainly depends on your
CPU then.

As soon as you use localalpha-channels (like, watching TV or playing
DVDs with mplayer -mpegpes) it's smooth and very good. But as soon
as you have no hardware-decoding-capabilities, it get's limited.

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