[mythtv-users] Is this the GeForce4 MX440 card to buy?

mark fairlane at springcom.com
Tue Feb 10 07:28:47 EST 2004

On Monday 09 February 2004 10:41 pm, Harry Orenstein wrote:
I have the Albatron MX440 card from Newegg, it's fanless, and has
the good chipset on it.  It works very well with the NV 4363 drivers, with
an excellent picture, and full overscan support.

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> >I found this on newegg.com
> >
> >http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=14-139-134&catal
> >og=48&depa=0
> >
> >Is this the card you guys are refering to as having excellent TV out
> >quality
> >AND stable drivers that work?  Wanted to make sure before I purchase it.
> >
> >I already have a PVR-350 but think I will put it on the back burner until
> >ivtv gets a little more stable.  Sucks having a mythbox that crashes on
> >live
> >TV all the time.
> >
> >Thanks guys
> >Malcolm
> >
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> This is, in general, the card to which such references have been made
> (by myself and others).  HOWEVER: I should caution you that not all
> MX440 cards are created equal.  My card is a 64MB DDR 4X card made
> by PNY.  Other cards (possibly the Jaton) may work just as well but I
> have also heard that different cards use different tv-out chips and that
> not all tv-out chips support overscan settings in XF86Config when
> using the binary drivers from nVidia.
> I cannot tell you for sure which tv-out chips work and which do not, but
> perhaps someone else has that info.  You also may not be able to get
> the type of tv-out chip for the Jaton card without having one in hand
> (perhaps contacting Jaton would help?).  In the end, unless someone
> can tell you for sure that they have this exact card and it works well in
> ways you are still taking something of a chance (although, perhaps,
> less of a chance than you might be taking with other cards).
> As a slight side issue I should also mention that the picture on the
> NewEgg site shows that this card has a fan, so noise levels may or
> may not also be an issue.
> Hope I have pointed out some of the possible issues and that this
> helps you in your decision.
> -- Harry O.
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