[mythtv-users] Artifacts When Converting MPEG4 nuv files to DVD

Mike Smith easygreenus at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 10 02:14:03 EST 2004


I've been successfully converting the MPEG4 .nuv files
to DVD using nuvexport.  90% come out fine.  The 10%
that don't usually benefit from adjusting the audio
sync with the tcmplex command.  I'm capturing at
640 x 480.  Of course,  this has to be upscaled to
720 x 480 for DVD.

I am having problems converting a football game.  The 
game looks fine until 34 minutes into it.  Then, I
getting a horizontal line about 1.5 inches in height
which the video briefly breaks up.  It will clear, and
reappear within a couple of seconds.  I also get black
rectangles that appear and disappear randomly.  But,
when I rewind and replay,  they come up at consistant
times and places.

Here are the commands executed by nuvexport:

mythtranscode command:
nice -n 19 mythtranscode -p autodetect -c 1012 -s
2003-11-16-13-00-00 -f fifodir.3985 --fifosync
audio command:
nice -n 19 sox -t raw -r 32000 -s -w  -c 2
fifodir.3985/audout -t raw -r 48000 -s -w -c 2 -
resample| nice -n 19 toolame -s 48.0 -m j -b 0384 -
mpeg2enc command:
nice -n 19 ffmpeg -f rawvideo -s 640x480 -r 29.97 -i
fifodir.3985/vidout -f yuv4mpegpipe - | nice -n 19
yuvdenoise -F -r 16 | nice -n 19 yuvscaler -v 0 -n
n -M BICUBIC -O DVD | nice -n 19 mpeg2enc --format 8
--quantisation 5 --quantisation-reduction 2
--video-bitrate 02358 --aspect 2 --frame-rate 4
--interlace-mode 0 --video-buffer 230
--nonvideo-bitrate 0384 --sequence-length 795
--reduction-4x4 2 --reduction-2x2 1 --keep-hf -o
multiplex command:
nice -n 19 tcmplex -m d -D 0 -i
1012_20031116130000_20031116160000.m2v -p
1012_20031116130000_20031116160000.mp2 -o


1) deinterlacing in the yuvnoise step ( -F option ).
2) scaling to 720 x 480 in the yuvscaler step
3) Max video bitrate of 2358
4) Quantisation of 5

I re-ran the nuvexport process using a Max video 
bitrate of 3500 and a quantisatoin of 10.  No help.
Video fine for first 32 minutes then starts breaking

Anyone have any ideas for changes?  As I said,  I've
used the nuvexport on many movies and TV programs I've
recorded with MythTV with great success.  I don't 
understand why this one doesn't work well.



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