[mythtv-users] My MP3 Server plan ala MythTV

Dustin Hunter dhunter21 at bigfoot.com
Mon Feb 9 20:20:05 EST 2004

I'd like some suggestions and/or criticisms regarding my plan to build a 
standalone Mp3 server.

I've order the hardware, everything except a tv capture card. I plan on 
building a MythTV box on top of either Mandrake, or possible Gentoo (if 
I have the patiences). I'm not going to use any of the PVR capabilities 
in MythTV, but I do plan to add MythMusic,MythGames, and MythDvd, and 
base my system around those.

Some have asked why I'm even considering MythTV if I'm not using the PVR 
functions. The answer is (1) I've not found any other product that will 
act as a standalone music server and (2) Myth's user interface is 
fantastic. I'm a programmer, and I hope to be able to contribute back to 
the community as well... I'm thinking of a plugin that transfers 
playlists from MythMusic to a USB mp3 player.

I've very concerned about power consumption, so I plan on using the ACPI 
features to quickly startup and shutdown the box (as suggested by 
someone here), and I found an article on ibm's site that shows one how 
to setup parallel  startup services 

Thats my initial plan. Eventually, I would like to have another front 
end box sitting in a different room but sharing the same files.

Are there any flaws here?

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