[mythtv-users] Xbox support?

Nate Carlson natecars at natecarlson.com
Mon Feb 9 17:17:03 EST 2004

Hey all,

I'm interested in picking up a couple Xbox'es as Mythfrontend boxes, but I 
can't find a definitive listing of exactly what is and is not supported on 
them. Just got a couple questions:

1) Can you use any remote with it, even if you have not purchased the DVD
kit? I'd prefer to keep using my XP Media Center remote. I figure I can
probably hook up the USB dongle included with the MCE remote if I need to,
but it'd be nicer to use the built-in irda (I'm assuming it has built in
irda? Or is a irda dongle included with the remote package?)

2) It's also not clear if the DVD drive can be used as such under Linux 
without buying the upgrade package. It'd rock to get a box for $100 (in 
May) that'll act as a full-featured Mythfrontend, including dvd support 
from the local drive.  :)

Thanks much!

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