[-SPAM-] RE: [mythtv-users] Bug??? TV Output is shrunk! (Version 0.14)

Jarod C. Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Mon Feb 9 14:30:07 EST 2004

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On Monday 09 February 2004 10:20, Brian_Meehan at Nexpress.com wrote:
> I am experiencing the same effect (v0.13 to v0.14). Our 4:3 signal is
> being shown that way. I press "w" and it switches to 16:9. This of
> course stretches the image, but I'm used to it by now and it looks
> better that way, and I don't want bars burned into my TV screen.
> I just wish I could figure out which setting I need to change so that it
> remembers to stay in 16:9 view! Any takers?

Set the aspect ratio in your recording profiles to 16:9, and your recordings 
will start out playing back in 16:9.

As an aside, this gets a touch annoying when you have two Myth boxes playing 
back from the same recordings stockpile, with one 16:9 TV and one 4:3 TV, but 
that's why I was sure to put the aspect ratio toggle button on my remote. ;-)

> Then of course, you could be experiencing an entirely different problem.

Hard to say, since he didn't specify if the TV was 16:9 or not. Sounds like 
not, which means it is probably a different problem, but I'm not positive.

> >I recently upgraded form version 0.11 to 0.14, using the binaries from
> >atrpms.
> >Everything went smoothly except for one problem.  My Live TV and recorded
> >TV playback is shrunk compared to the entire viewing area.  My myth box is
> >hooked up to a Sony TV using an nVidia MX400 with TV-out.  However, the
> >Myth user interface (menus, EPG, etc.) is able to achieve full coverage
> >of the screen on my TV!

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