[mythtv-users] RE:M179 audio issues

Dennis Hand 4hands at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 9 09:21:48 EST 2004

  Well join the club. I finally have mine working really good now. Not sure if your using alsa or not but I would change back to /dev/dsp. I'm also going to assume that you have applied the patch to the M179 for audio. If so, try this it worked for me. When you bring up live tv for the first time and you hear nothing but static, get back out of frontend, do a test_ioctl -p ? to an incorrect one then back to your correct setting. Go back into frontend and watch TV and see if that works. This is what I had to do at first to get TV to work but it's all fixed now. The M179 still has some driver issues that need to be ironed out.


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