[mythtv-users] The ideal video card for MythTV

Tor Hovland tor at nidaros.homedns.org
Mon Feb 9 09:13:26 EST 2004

I have searched and searched, but it doesn't seem like anyone has given a
conclusive answer to this:

Which video cards are ideal (or close) for use with MythTV?

It would have to fulfil the following requirements:

- s-video out that works well with X
- supports XVideo (also on s-video)
- supports interlacing and overscan
- excellent driver stability
- excellent picture quality on s-video (should be next to impossible to
notice a difference from the stand-alone tv)
- silent (must not be audible in the living room)
- sensible price
- must be available in retail
- (other requirements I've missed :-)

The PVR-350 seems to fail on XVideo and driver stability. General video
cards other than NVidia often seem to fail on XFree support and XVideo,
according to the MythTV docs, or they are old and unavailable. The GeForce4
MX440 seems like a good bet, however I'm worried about picture quality and
fan noise.

If anybody is using a card that they feel meet the above requirements well,
I'd love to hear. In particular, I would like to know if it is possible to
get excellent picture quality and low noise from an NVidia card.

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