[mythtv-users] Stuttering sound and 100% cpu after channel changes

Jeppe N. Madsen jeppenm at worldonline.dk
Sun Feb 8 17:21:24 EST 2004

I'm currently trying out mythtv and are testing on some old hardware
before committing to a full setup.

I've observed the following: If I watch livetv and let the livetv
buffer fillup (I've set it to 2gb so approx 1 hour) and change
channel, the sound starts to stutter and the backend cpu usage goes to
100%. The frontend logs some "prebuffer wait timed out"
messages. Changing channel again improves the situation slightly, but
the backend still uses more than 50% cpu (usally 98% idle during
livetv). It seems the only solution is to exit livetv and start again.

Note that changing channels before the buffer is full seems to work fine.

Setup: Myth 0.14, PVR-250 ivtv 0.1,9, separate backend (550 p3) /
frontend (800 Duron) both running FC1.

Any hints?


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