[mythtv-users] Guess its time to go buy a TIVO to hear soem Audio.

Bruce mythtv at bruce.homelinux.com
Sun Feb 8 16:43:11 EST 2004

Less help than no help. How can you get less  help than no help? Atleast when I do
find a solution to my problems, I post the solution
so that others who have the same problem will figure it out.
Dont lecture me about impatience. I think 3 days(~15 hours of trying things)
working on gettting 1 audio card to work with another is enough patience. I got it
to work by trying different things and got no help from anyone on this board other
than complaining about my subject line. I mean no dis-respect to Isaac or the other
Guys like Dennis for the XBOX- they did a great job at myth and since it is Linux,
It is FREE.  But, I would even donate some $$$ to Isaac and the developers if they
had a donation place.
Anyway Billy, thanks for the F'ing reply.

Bill Kearney wrote:

> > Wow. A Reply. Amazing Grace!!! It is not whining, It is called making a
> > headline to get reply's. I got more replies than I did asking normal audio
> > questions.
> With that attitude don't be surprised if you get even less help.
> > 3 smart-Axx replies are better than 0 replies.
> > I asked the question about 2 audio cards and was told that it is not a
> > problem, but when a user has problems based on other users suggestion,
> > no-one seems to be around.
> > What myth needs is a FORUM period. This email thing is ok for a small number
> > of questions, but not for the amount of email generated from this.
> >
> > And where do you see a threat to the board? Are you losing money or getting
> > hurt if I go buy a Tivo? Get Real.
> You get "real", this is a VOLUNTEER effort, you get what you put in.  Since
> you've put in little more than impatience and arrogance don't be surprised when
> you don't get any useful replies from people.  As for forums vs mailing lists,
> it's not uncommon for the impatient and the newbies to bitch about mailing
> lists.  Too f'ing bad.  Either take the time to learn, given the materials
> FREELY offered, or work to improve the situation.  Your approach hasn't come
> close to offering either.
> -Bill Kearney
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