[mythtv-users] Guess its time to go buy a TIVO to hear soem Audio.

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Sun Feb 8 15:41:25 EST 2004

Andrew Dodd wrote:
> Quoting Bruce <mythtv at bruce.homelinux.com>:
>>No offense, but trying to get audio working for a second card is taking
>>way too long. Perhaps I am too stupid to figure it out, regardless, I
>>guess thats the alternative to 2 cards in mythtv.

> Device permissions maybe?
> Or buy a hardware MPEG encoder board (PVR-x50, Avermedia M179) - To run
> concurrent captures with software encoding is going to take LOTS of CPU - You're
> most likely going to sacrifice quality (a LOT of quality) if you use software
> encoding to record two shows at once.

Wow, Andrew is a nice guy to actually reply with help to such a troll 
subject line.  I'm impressed!

I agree with the others though.  If you really just want to troll and 
blow steam, go buy a Tivo.

As long as you really DO want to make it work, stick around and drop the 
'tude and you'll find everyone here will be thrilled to help, even when 
you have a frustrated tone, as long as you don't attack with that tone.

You've received a couple of good responses already.  Check the "mute" in 
alsa, try OSS and check your audio permissions.  You might also have a 
problem that your drivers aren't running duplex properly.  Who knows, 
you might even be running esd or artsd - check your process list.

Have you tried actually _searching_ the list archives too?  About 40% of 
all MythTV problems I've seen (that aren't bugs) are because of 
misconfigured audio, so chances are someone in the past year has had the 
same problem you have.  And, be aware MythTV specs REQUIRE that your 
audio cards work properly before the FAQ even really starts... check 
out:  http://mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-20.html#ss20.12 and remember 
that ALSA and your SOUNDCARD are not produced by MYTHTV.ORG!  Don't call 
Microsoft asking how to make your Dell camera work with Windows, either, 
they will be less helpful than this list has been.

So you didn't get a reply (or perhaps a useful reply) to your two or so 
other posts about this?  I do recall seeing them, but you gave no real 
details about your modules.conf or such - nothing I could sink my teeth 
into so I didn't even try to address it because I didn't have the time 
to dredge useful information out of you.  You might have also tried 
directly e-mailing someone who has posted about running two cards in the 
past to ask them how they got it figured out, since nobody on the list 
said much.

I mean, the route you took is to personally attack the members of the 
list with your _anger_ and sarcasm.  That will only result in attacks 
back at you such as "If you can't you even spell "SOME" correctly in the 
subject line, how do we know you can READ to follow directions?" 
Luckily most people on this list are above that and you've actually got 
a few offhand remarks that might help.

Well I'm done on my soapbox.  Nettiquette 101 class is dismissed.  Maybe 
I haven't offended you any more than those on this list were offended 
and we can get past this. ;-)


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