[mythtv-users] Myth 0.14 - Version 1.0??

malcolm-mythtv mythtv at lds.dyndns.org
Sun Feb 8 16:31:55 EST 2004

On Sunday 08 February 2004 12:40 pm, J. Donavan Stanley wrote:


> >I can't play back a DVD to the TV without it been super slow and jumpy.  I
> >know this is not MythTV's fault but rather something to do with Xine /
> > ivtv driver and using the PVR-350 out.  Anyhow my point is I can't watch
> > DVDs yet
> Again a PVR350 issue.  Lost (most?) folks don't use a PVR350 with it's
> TV out (for the exact reason you mentioned).

I though lots (most?) folks where using a PVR-350 because of the exceptional 
TV out quality?  Maybe I just got that impression because I see so much talk 
of the 350 on the board?


> True, you can't transcode MPEG2 to MPEG2.  But I believe nuvexport
> solves that problem for you.  Personally, I'd transcode to MPEG4 and put
> 3 or 4 movies on one disk instead of one per DVD.

But doesn't transcoding to MPEG4 defeat the purpose of having my PVR-350 card?  
Now when I go to play the movie back is it not going to have  to do some sort 
of software CPU intense playback?

> >Picture in Picture does not work right.  If I hit V I get nothing.  If I
> > play around and hit combinations of V, B, N eventually I see something
> > but it's real slow and I can see lags in picture and sound as it's trying
> > to display. Once it's up hitting "B" to change focus doesn't show you
> > which has focus? The big picture or the little one.  Only way to tell is
> > to try and change channels.  Unfortunatly that's real slow and if the
> > wrong one had focus you have to wait for it to change, then change it
> > back, and then change focus again and try changing channels again.
> I'd be willing to bet this is a PVR350 issue as well.

Probably... but then again Myth 0.14 is the first release to support PIP with 
a PVR-350 card so I didn't expect it to be perfect first time round.  
Remember I wasn't complaining about Myth.  Just pointing out a few issues I'd 
noticed and saying why I personally didn't think it should be released at 
version 1.


> It's on my main TV.  But then again 1) I don't use a PVR350 and 2) I
> built a system from scratch specificly for MythTV using components I
> knew would work and work well with Linux in general and Myth specificly.

I to built this particular box from scratch specifically for Myth.  I joined 
this list before purchasing a thing and everyone was raving about the PVR-350 
and good the TV out quality was.  So that's why I picked it.  Prior to this 
list I'd never even heard of the PVR-350.  What TV out card are people using 
that's stable?  How much of a quality loss are they taking?  I don't see how 
a tremendous quality loss would be desirable?


> Then by all means TEST things.   When something goes wrong, try to
> remember what is was you did that lead up to the problem.  Go back over
> those steps and see if you can reproduce the same effect.  If it crashes
> get a backtrace.
> When you post about a bug give details.  Post both the frontend and
> backend logs from that time period.  Give the steps needed to reproduce
> it.  Be DETAILED.

When I post errors I get I do indeed try and be as detailed as I can.  I'm not 
sure what a backtrace is though?


> Have your tried FC1?  It's been very stable with Myth for me.  So much
> so I dumped my Vector/Slackware installs.

I haven't and I think I will at some point.  Although I don't think my OS is 
unstable but testing something else on a test drive never hurt.

To sum up everything I pointed out probably most of my issues as you pointed 
out are related to the pvr-350 and are probably more suited to ivtv driver 

Please don't think I'm bashing Myth in anyway.  I should probably point out a 
very great and stable side of it I make good use of for those browsing the 
archives.  I have it setup to record all my favorite shows and that's exactly 
what it does.  I come down to my basement and waiting for me are tons of my 
favorite shows it's being quietly recording while I sleep or go to work.  I 
grab my remote and enjoy.  Zipping through the commercials is especially 
pleasing.  I also really enjoy the weather module and love just popping up 
the local weather forcast and map at any time I please.

Thanks guys

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