[mythtv-users] Guess its time to go buy a TIVO to hear soem Audio.

Bruce mythtv at bruce.homelinux.com
Sun Feb 8 11:41:02 EST 2004

Wow. A Reply. Amazing Grace!!! It is not whining, It is called making a
headline to get reply's. I got more replies than I did asking normal audio
questions.  3 smart-Axx replies are better than 0 replies.
I asked the question about 2 audio cards and was told that it is not a
problem, but when a user has problems based on other users suggestion,
no-one seems to be around.
What myth needs is a FORUM period. This email thing is ok for a small number
of questions, but not for the amount of email generated from this.

And where do you see a threat to the board? Are you losing money or getting
hurt if I go buy a Tivo? Get Real.

Blues Guy wrote:

> J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
> > Threatening the list because you have a problem that has NOTHING to do
> > with MythTV is ridiculous.  So yes, please do go buy a Tivo I'd rather
> > not hear a temper tantrum every time you can't figure something out.
> So true.  *Everyone* on this list has had to struggle with some aspect
> of their configuration at one point or another, and that's partly the
> reason we do it; the challenge of making something yourself, that's
> better than what you can buy.
> If you don't  have the time or the patience to be up to the challenge,
> than go buy a Tivo... you'll be happier, and we won't have to listen to
> your whining.
> Greg
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