[mythtv-users] nvtv command line settings

David Peach mailinglists at dpeach.com
Sun Feb 8 00:44:38 EST 2004

I have read this series of messages:

That is what I used to get me up and running with nvtv. I am able to boot
up and have video displayed to the TV (NTSC).

I use this string to start: /usr/local/bin/nvtv -t -S NTSC -r 640,480 -s Huge

If I just use that from the command line, everything is perfect. If I use
this string in my startup script** then it shifts the picture to the

It is adjusted about 5% over to the right. It is not that overscan is not
working, it is that the whole image is pushed right. When starting from
the command line or through the GUI, after telling it I want NTSC and
640X480 Huge, it displays perfectly.

What, in my startup string above is causing it to shift right? I looked
through the help file (nvtv --help) and got an explaination of what I am
typing in, but it is not acting right.

I appreciate the help.

Let me know if you need more information.

BT878 based tuner
GeForce2 based video card (does this with either SVideo or RCA)
Gentoo 1.4

**The way I am starting this is that I have a shell script with the above
line in it. It is then symlinked into the ~/.kde/Autostart folder of my
home directory. This fires it up, but is shifting the pic.



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