[mythtv-users] Ugh! Changed hostname on backend and now Myth doesn't work

Romel Llarena rdllarena at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 7 22:49:16 EST 2004

About a week ago while tuning my backend/frontend
system, I changed the backend's default hostname.
Today, I rebooted the system forgetting about the
change as well as the default hostname (I tried
localhost and Right after the reboot,
MythWeb refused to work. I believe it's an issue with
my APACHE config. After trying out a few more Myth
functions, I found that my remote frontend couldn't
communicate with the backend system. Even running
mythfrontend on the backend system kicks back a unable
to locate backend server message.

Shot myself in foot, any suggestions on properly
changing the hostname on the backend, which is my
preferred step, or helping me find the default name,
or even an easy reinstall step for myth that would
recognize the hostname change?


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