[mythtv-users] Video Artifacts - Horizontal Bands, Green Flashes, Pincushion effect

Jason Giddens jgiddens at nyc.rr.com
Sat Feb 7 20:39:17 EST 2004


I can't believe I finally made it!  Last night I TV on my Pundit, with
my PVR-350, using the Pundit's TV-Out.  I have been struggling to get
everything working since Christmastime, using Jarod's guide, and the
helpful people on the list.

Here is my "last" problem. 

I have the Pundit connected to my TV using an S-Video cable, and
generally the picture is good.  Here are issues I do have:

- At all times, whether in Mythfrontend, Live TV, DVD, or even just my
desktop there are horizontal bands that move up the screen.  They are
transparent, but slightly different in shade.  It's as if you divided
the screen horizontally into 16 sections, and made every other section
slightly darker than the preceding one, then made the sections scroll
endlessly up the screen.  To my untrained eye, this appears to be some
sort of RF interference, but changing the cable and the cables position
in my rat's nest of wiring made no difference.

- Also at all times, the left side of the screen is curved inwards
toward the center of the screen.  On a PC monitor this is called
"Pincushion" and can be changed on the monitors OSD.  My 35" Toshiba has
no such adjustment.

- While watching live TV, there are periodic artifacts.  Specifically
there are green flashes that appear every few seconds randomly around
the screen.  They appear as a green sparkle, maybe 2-6 pixels high and
10 pixels wide.

I am running Myth 0.13, and I am not sure what IVTV.  How would I check
and find out?  It's the latest available from apt-get.

Jason Giddens 
Jgiddens_at sign_nyc.rr.com

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this is a repost!  I unwittingly posted this originally as a reply to a
different topic.  Sorry for the confusion...
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