[mythtv-users] Wavy picture = bad PVR-250 card?

Jonathan Makela jonniemak at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 7 18:34:33 EST 2004

Hi All,
I've been running MythTV using a PVR-250 for about the
past three months.  Everything was working great until
about a week ago when I began to get lots and lots of
"waves" in my picture.  It almost looks like when you
view scrambled channels, although not quite that bad. 
I switched the card into a Windows box and got the
same poor results.  When I plug my cable directly into
my TV the picture is great, so I think my signal is
still good.  So the question is, is it possible that
my PVR-250 card simply crapped out (bum oscillator or
the like so it can't lock on to the signal)?
Just wanted to see if anyone else has seen this before
or has has any ideas on how to fix it before I shell
out the cash for a new card.


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