[mythtv-users] converting nuv files to vob?

Dwaine Garden DwaineGarden at rogers.com
Sat Feb 7 01:39:23 EST 2004

Gary Huntress wrote:

>I've been very successful getting my WinTV-250 up and running mythtv but I
>must confess that I'm such a video-newbie that I'm failing miserably in the
>final step in my "ultimate" quest.   I have not been able to burn a show
>captured by mythtv to DVD.
>I started first with the standard transcode command:
>transcode -i simpsons.nuv -V -y mpeg -F d -Z 352x240 --export_fps
>29.970 --export_asr 2 -E 48000 -b 224 -o simpsons
>(where "simpsons.nuv" is a copy of the appropriate
>/mnt/store/1013_2004.....nuv file)
>but the audio and video files produced by transcode are empty (video is 38
>bytes long)  so I know this is incorrect.
>The MythTV FAQ (http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-21.html) does
>discuss converting to other formats. I used the last example and saved the
>raw a/v to files.  The video went from 1GB compressed to over 19GB raw.  I
>was unable to play it and transcode could not create a vob.
>Long story short.  Does anyone have any scripts and/or tools to convert
>nuv's to vobs for the purpose of burning DVDs?
I have been spending about three weeks on this.   Storing the video to 
dvd makes sense.   I was looking for a solution which did not require 
using multiple CD's.   So burn onto DVD-R would allow me greater options.

I was fooling around with the nuv files which are created by my wintv 
PVR-350.   They are mpg files that can be renamed back to mpg files.   
Use the script below, and it will create the multiple vob files with the 
dvd directory structure.  Do not use transcode or anything else.  The 
script runs for about 5 minutes with about an hour of video with 
---------- Cut Here ---------------
mkfifo aud0
mkfifo vid0
mkfifo dvdmpg
mpeg2desc -a0 < $1 > aud0 &
mpeg2desc -v0 < $1 > vid0 &
mplex -f 8 -V -o dvdmpg aud0 vid0 &
dvdauthor -o $2 -f dvdmpg
dvdauthor -o $2 -T
rm aud0
rm vid0
rm dvdmpg
---------- End of Cut ----------

Use the script like this....

./makedvd *.mpg A-Team

This assumes that the only mpg file in the directory is the one which 
you would like to convert.

Once the script is completed, you will find a "A-Team" directory with 
auto_ts and video_ts directories.   Burn thoses directories to the blank 

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