[mythtv-users] Question about NVidia Geforce MX

Albert Santoni gamegod at sympatico.ca
Fri Feb 6 22:27:37 EST 2004

Matt Beckstrom wrote:

> I purchased an NVidia geforce2 MX card for the video out on my Myth 
> box.  It is brand new and has only seen about a week of use.  I got my 
> Myth box home and hooked it up to the tv using the s-video cable, and 
> I have two problems:
> 1.  After about 5 minutes of use, the colors on the screen start to 
> pulse and change.  The longer I leave it on, the worse the colors 
> become.  Eventually, half the screen is black and white and the other 
> half is violently pulsing colors.  I have noticed that the fan on the 
> video card is really loud.  I don't know if that is new or if it was 
> always making that noise.  (When I installed the card, I was in a 
> noisy computer room).  Is my video card bad or is it overheating?
> 2.  when I am watching live tv or recorded tv, There is a noticable 
> black space at the top of the screen.  How do I get rid of that?
> Thanks.
> matt...
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You might be able to get rid of the black space at the top of your 
screen using nvtv for overscan:

As for the colours thing... I also get that with my GeForce 2 MX.... I 
get a big purple spot and a big blue spot when white's are displayed for 
an extended period of time on screen... Anyone have any ideas?


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